Aikido Body Mind and Spirit

Aikido Body, Mind and Spirit

The Further Teachings of Alex Essani

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After lots of false starts, revisions and corrections my sequel to Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power is now complete and published. It’s called ‘Aikido Body, Mind and Spirit’.
I use the teacher student paradigm again and continue to explore principles and attitudes rather than specific techniques. The final few chapters describe a form of biofeedback training that I’ve been experimenting with for several years.

ISBN 978-0-9538848-5-8

134 pp.

Size 132mm X 197mm

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Aikido Body, Mind and Spirit


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Square, triangle, circle

The nature of Aikido practice

Those who can, do; those who can’t…

Why so many techniques?

The arm as a lever

Watch your fingers

How to be held well

How to hold well

Dealing with uchi attacks


Breaking point

Real weapons 1

Real weapons 2

Real weapons 3

Aikido powers


Solid, Flowing, Leading

Breathing through the elbows

Sensei syndrome

Kanren waza and beyond

Just when you thought you could see the light…

Watch yourself

Alpha training 1

Alpha training 2

Alpha training 3

The light at the end of the tunnel



Glossary of Japanese terms