E-Learning Publications

The three online publications outlined below were adopted by many schools and colleges in the UK.

DiDA in Moodle

We chose Moodle as the vehicle for delivering the material we wrote for Edexel’s AiDA, CiDA and DiDA qualifications. This E-learning suite was aimed at FE colleges. It included interactive tutorials and a large number of student exercises, activities and tasks in addition to the factual material.

To make our material more attractive to colleges I designed and created a Moodle extension for the creation and administration of student eportfolios. The extension allowed Moodle administrators to automatically create multiple courses, from class lists, to be used as eportfolios. Student groups using a common course could also be created. The extension allowed student activity to be tracked, summarized and reported. I created interactive tutorials using Qarbon’s ViewletBuilder to show administrators how to use the extension.


This was a modular system for creating online textbooks. Subscribers were able to select modules from a categorized library of over a hundred major topics to create customized reference material. The system automatically created a contents panel and index for the collection of topics for navigation purposes. Programming was a combination of client side code in Javascript and server side ASP also in Javascript. The system also included administration functions that dealt with customer details and maintenance of the educational material. The system used an MSSQL database.

GCSE in Applied ICT Online

This comprehensively covered the course content of the four units. It also contained a comprehensive contents panel, index to topics and a large glossary of IT terms. Each major topic had a multiple choice quiz to provide feedback on how well the material had been assimilated by the learner.